Noah Edwards is a Canadian singer/songwriter/producer who lives in Victoria, B.C.  Noah has played at numerous festivals and venues across Canada.  He has released two EP's under his own name, and is featured on CBC Radio's "All Points West" as the theme song for the program.

Noah is very musically active and is regularly hired for weddings, events, store openings, private parties.  He has a growing repertoire that spans many genres, and can learn any song requested with his powerful voice, strong vocal range and intricate guitar skill.  He also has a band under the name of "Noah and the Flood" who play at venues around BC for public and private functions.  Their work can be showcased here.

In addition to playing live, Noah is a producer and has worked on theme songs for radio, podcasts, and is looking to expand scoring and soundtrack work.  Please visit the Soundtrack page for examples of his latest work.